Yoshiki: Back to LA...

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Вся история, как мы ее знаем - ложь!!!

On my way to LA! 今夜ロス・プライベートスタジオから生放送〜 https://t.co/ZlPX4iWeZo pic.twitter.com/Ev7UVfD1OJ

— Yoshiki (@YoshikiOfficial) 26 января 2016

Landed in #LA! Live broadcasting from my #recording'll start soon! https://t.co/ZlPX4iWeZo もうすぐロスより生中継、スタジオに向かってる! pic.twitter.com/zi0YZVSPZ1

— Yoshiki (@YoshikiOfficial) 26 января 2016

到着!ただいまLAのスタジオより生中継中!! https://t.co/ZlPX4iWeZo Broadcasting now! From my LA recoding studio! pic.twitter.com/ZVpK6d08rg

— Yoshiki (@YoshikiOfficial) 26 января 2016

NicoLive #Yoshiki Channel broadcasted Live on January 26, 2016 from Yoshiki’s LA studio

It was a long show and we were so fortunate to be able to see a lot on how Yoshiki spends a day at his gorgeous studio (it was like a jewel box) as he toured through the studio and showed us his instruments and equipment (= #YoshiKizai).. It was such a privilege. He got so excited when he was talking about his amazing world class equipments, and.. OMG.. he was so adorable❤..!!!!!!

I will share some of the things he said that may interest you.. (a very small portion) (Note: I only saw it once, so it’s based upon my recollection, which should be pretty reliable 😉💕 ) He spent a lot of time showing his studio. I can’t write on it as it is very technical.. and there’s so much to say about the studio and I won’t be able to cover it all here.. Sorry~

About the #SundanceFestival: The first thing and what he repeatedly said was.. It was VERY cold. For instance, on 1/22, he performed on piano in the tent. While the tent he performed in was warm, the dressing room was set up in another tent which was not too far from the other tent where he performed. Yet, for the short distance he had to walk, he was shivering, and his hands got cold, and even the piano keys were cold, and it took him a while for him to be able to perform fully. (I had no idea as he performed so beautifully as usual *__*) He said it was like being in a dream.. as he had amazingly busy schedules doing 15 interviews in between, (he even did an interview on his private jet heading to Park City). (Remember.. he was recording all day until he left LA for Park City.) At the film premiering, he received a standing ovation♡👏🏻👏🏻 There’s a lot more on this.. and the next Yoshiki Channel will feature Yoshiki at the Sundance Festival.. For now.. I don’t want to say much on this subject as this film is very special and personal to Yoshiki as it is about his life.. so I’d rather want you to read interview articles and hear it directly from him..♡ One thing he said was.. If you know their history, you will definitely cry. Even if you don’t know their history, you will probably cry. Yoshiki cried 10 times during the film (;__;)

Yoshiki said.. before he left for Park City, ToshI and Sugizo were in the recording studio recording. (They went home.)

2 of the instruments he particularly showed us: a grand piano with extra keys. As opposed to the usual 88 keys, it has 97 keys. He played some songs as per our request on the piano, and it was very cool. He even played the new ballad, one of the best ballads he’s written, “Angel.” So beautiful 💓 Yoshiki said this ballad is different from other ballads he’s written. Oh, and he also played “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence” in tribute to the late David Bowie (he was in the film.)

A titanium drum set. Wow.. it sounded very very cool.. How should I describe the sound.. very solid.. Mmm.. maybe you want to google. (Sorry..)

Yoshiki said, he has not been able to sleep except very brief naps for a long time (;__;) But he said he’s slept a lot on the planes.

He is recording a new song called, “Rock Star”!! Rocks, doesn’t it..??!

The DVD of the 3-day revival shows at the Tokyo Dome is close to be completed.

He gets so cold that he has a heater right next to his work desk.

Because of the condition of his right wrist, he cannot hold a pen for a long time. It will become numb if he uses a regular pen, so that he’ll have to use this special device to write. (Oops.. the pic is blurry..)

He showed us this device to scratch his back. Haha.. it was so adorable >__<

Yoshiki was curious about the tree named after him, #YOSHIKI (“Ki” means a tree in Japanese) which was presented to him on January 1st. It is growing more leaves. They are making YOSHIKI🌳 listening to X Japan’s songs. (You know plants and trees will grow healthy with good music.) (It was listening to “Tears” when Yoshiki was on the show.) Yoshiki said it needs to use the YoshikiHeadphones; it will then grow better.

He’ll be going to Japan twice in February 2016.

And finally on Pata, he did not want to say anything yet as it is still premature to confirm anything, but he will tell us soon.. So please give him sometime.. as they are doing the best they can as always..♡

At the end, Yoshiki played a full song of “Without You.” It was very intense.. (;__;)



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2016-01-29 в 01:41 

Boku no Gisho
But for him, his existence, the very fact that he is living, is like a promise. (с) Gackt

2016-01-29 в 01:57 

Akabe Shadow
Вся история, как мы ее знаем - ложь!!!
Boku no Gisho, ага)

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